Cardiac Care

Royal Columbian Hospital is BC’s busiest cardiac care centre, serving as the region’s emergency room for the heart. Your donation supports cardiac care for as many as a third of British Columbians.

We perform complex open-heart surgery as well as minimally- invasive procedures to open blocked arteries and replace failing heart valves

We have a team of expert cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anaesthetists, perfusionists, nurses and other health care professionals

We offer care from diagnostics to treatment through to post- discharge support in the community

Cardiac care in a year at Royal Columbian Hospital:

What We Do

Inverventional Cardiology

Provides 24/7 access to emergency angioplasty (to open narrowed or blocked blood vessels), including a leading-edge program that allows heart attack patients to be brought from home straight to the catheterization lab to open blocked arteries; performs 2,900 diagnostic catheterizations to obtain detailed information about the heart and major blood vessels, and 2,500 angioplasties per year; treats 750 severe heart attack (STEMI) patients per year, more than any other hospital in B.C.

Open-heart Surgery

Performs 1,000 life-saving open-heart surgeries per year; close to two-thirds of which are pure coronary artery bypasses and one-third of which involve coronary valve replacements or repairs.

“The entire team is really into their jobs. They kept me informed and helped me every step of the process. The team is so upbeat – from the physicians and nurses to the physiotherapists and volunteers – everyone was so certain of my complete recovery.”


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