Haney Mechanical 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Haney Mechanical 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Haney Mechanical 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament
Friday, June 26, 2020
at 12:30 pm; Shot gun at 1:30 pm
$150 per golfer
To register email haneymechanical@gmail.com
Golden Eagle Golf Course
21770 Ladner Rd, Pitt Meadows

My wife and I are raising money for Royal Columbian Hospital’s Variety Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where three-and-a-half years ago our twin girls were fortunate enough to receive life-saving care. Born at 24 weeks gestation (16 weeks early) and weighing only a little over 1 lb, our girls could fit in the palm of their dad’s hand. Our girls spent 147 days in the NICU at Royal Columbian Hospital, where they were on breathing support for the first 91 days of their life. One of our daughters had heart surgery, while the other had laser eye surgery. They battled several infections, countless blood transfusions, as well as many other medical procedures and obstacles.

Then 2 ½ years later we would find ourselves in the very same NICU with our son. He was born at 34 weeks gestation (6 weeks early) and spent another 14 days in the NICU, which to many may seem like nothing but anytime in the NICU is hard on parents and their children. We could never give enough thanks and appreciation for the care and dedication the hospital staff and their teams provided to our babies.

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For inquiries and payments for sponsorships of the Haney Mechanical 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament, contact Zahra Stark at zahra.stark@fraserhealth.ca or 236-332-1480

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