Insiyah’s Zaky HUGs fundraiser

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Hyun Jung Choi
mohammed kassam
Insiyah thank you for passing a positive message to the community. You are amazing and knowing you from birth to now you are growing up to be a strong girl. So happy to see you bringing the babies and parents closer with the Zaky HUGS.
Grace Sangha
Insiyah, you're such an inspiration to all the teens out there. It takes one to start....Keep up the good work and continue to spread your love.
2150 Hawkins Street
That’s a great story Insiyah!
Shemina Patni
Insiyah thank you for taking this on. You are an inspiration to others!!
Asif-Aly and Sarah
Insiyah, thank you for transforming your experience into a shining light for those around you.
Sandip Vassa
Great work Insiyah. You are an inspiration.
port coquiltalm
New Westminster
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Insiyah's Zaky HUG fundraiser


My name is Insiyah Dharsee, I was born premature at 26 weeks and weighed 1 pound 6 ounces. When my mum had me in the NICU, the one thing she really wanted was The Zaky HUG, but the one pair they had was being used.

I am now 13-years-old and want to give back to Royal Columbian Hospital, where I stayed in the NICU for 3 months. I want to collect 24 pairs of The Zaky HUG for Royal Columbian Hospital and give a pair to each of the parents whose baby/or babies are in NICU.

Thank you for all your donations, together we can comfort the premature babies by giving each of them a pair of The Zaky HUG and allow them to be close to their parents.

The Zaky HUG brings us #TOGETHER even when the world is staying #APART

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