Gift Guide 2023

AVAILABLE NOW: Your 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Make the season a little brighter with gifts that comfort, encourage, and heal.

A tax receipt will be provided for all gifts made through our Holiday Gift Guide

Right now, someone in our province is facing one of the most challenging holiday seasons of their life.

You can help with a gift of comfort and joy.

Shop holiday gifts now

Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide is full of different ways for you to make a meaningful difference for patients, families, and healthcare workers in our province — at a price that fits your budget.

Like dinner for a family — so families can order in when there isn’t time to cook. Thanks to you, challenging days will become a little easier.

Or a hotel stay for a family from far away. They’ll be close when they need it most.

You can also take care of those who take care of you, with a gift to spread a little bit of holiday cheer.

Or, you can help train the next generation of carers with a Resuscitation manikin — helping our healthcare workers master the CPR technique so they can go out into the field and save lives.

It’s 100% up to you. There are gifts of all kinds for all budgets.

Will you consider adding a community member in need to your holiday shopping list?

Click here to browse our online catalogue now. Who knows — you may even find the perfect gift for a family member or friend!

If you do, visit to print a beautiful card to give them with the details of your gift.

Thank you for being such a kind and caring community member this holiday season!

Thank You

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