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Attention Fraser Health employees! Here’s your chance to win cash and support Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation.

Fraser Health employees can join our Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation 50/50 Lottery, drawn every other Wednesday after payroll Friday at 4 pm. Draws will be conducted and posted online to social media via livestream ( and witnessed by a Non-Foundation Staff member.

Each entry is $5, and you can purchase more entries to increase your chances of winning.

Scroll down for rules of play and to complete your online entry form today!

Rules of Play

  1. To be eligible to enter, you must be 19 years of age and on Fraser Health payroll as a regular full-time, part-time or casual employee.
  2. Complete and submit the form below to pay for your entries by Fraser Health payroll deduction. A report by payroll deductions is provided to RCH Foundation by Fraser Health payroll each pay period. You will only receive an entry in pay periods in which you have earned income. You will not receive entries during unpaid leaves.
  3. Winners must sign a release prior to receiving their cheque.
Additional information


  1. Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered on behalf of the minor to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee. As a result of each entry having an assigned unique ticket number, there will be no tie or prize split. Tickets are drawn using an approved, licensed random number generator system.
  2. In the case where the draw is delayed, an amendment will be submitted to BC Gaming with a proposed new date. Lottery participants will be notified of the new draw date and time via a livestream announcement on
  3. Winners will be notified by phone. Prize is in the form of a cheque or electronic transfer. Winner’s names and amounts are posted on Site Information Boards located throughout Royal Columbian Hospital. A bi-weekly e-mail announcement with the winner’s names and amounts is also sent to all participants who included an email address with their application.
  4. Any inquiries or complaints, please contact Annalissa Magleo at 604-520-4063.

50/50 Lottery Sign Up

For employees on Fraser Health payroll: fill out this form to enrol in the current 2021/22 Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation 50/50 Lottery (Licence #128071, ending with April 13, 2022 draw). We will contact you for further information.

  • A single entry is $5 per pay period

Important Information: As per our BC Gaming Licence, all lottery participants must re-apply every year. Renewal notices start in January, please check your email for your renewal reminder.

Have more questions? Contact Annalissa Magleo at or 604.520.4438. Print and fax your completed application form to 604.520.4063 or drop it off at the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation office, located in the hospital’s Health Care Centre lobby. Good luck! You can have a say in where 50/50 lottery proceeds are used.


Chances are 1 in 1,884 per draw (total tickets for sale) to win. Actual odds depend on number of tickets sold. BC Gaming Event Licence #128071
Problem Gambling Help Line: 1-888-795-6111
Know your limit, play within it. 19+

With the generosity of donors, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation provides a number of opportunities for our hospital family to access funds for education, equipment and research.

In addition to the nearly 100 funds that can only be used in specific areas or departments, the list below provides support annually to a variety of needs.

Major Equipment Fund

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation has established the Major Equipment Fund to support the purchase of significant medical equipment that directly impacts patient care. The Foundation issues an annual call for proposals to access this fund.

Eligible equipment will meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Equipment cost that is between $10,000 – $300,000 CDN (must include all taxes, delivery, installation, shipping & handling, if applicable).
  • Equipment is approved for use within RCH and all operating and renovations costs required are already in place.
  • Equipment can be received and in operation before October 31, 2021.
  • Equipment that enhances a health care provider’s ability to more safely and effectively care for their patients.
  • Equipment that represents advancement in how care is delivered.
  • Replacement equipment that does not provide innovation will not be considered. For example, patient beds and replacement of old equipment with a newer model of the same item will not be considered.
  • Equipment that meets the minimum criteria above and is currently on the RCH Capital Equipment Unfunded List will, by default, be included in the process.
  • Equipment that is not on the RCH Capital Equipment Unfunded List must have approval from Capital Equipment/Planning.

Preference will be given to:

  • Legacy equipment that has been identified as necessary for the redevelopment of the hospital.
  • Equipment that will enhance an existing project or, by supplying the first investment, ensure that a project will go forward that otherwise would not have proceeded.
  • Equipment that has the opportunity to change, for the better, the way health care is delivered at RCH, in BC and beyond.
  • Equipment that will be used often, have a high impact on patient outcomes and assist in retaining and recruiting the best staff.
  • Equipment that will have a high impact on patient outcome & experience.
  • Equipment that will provide leveraged level of impact compared to the investment.
  • Proposals that demonstrate a high level of support by front line care givers.

Follow the links to access the application form and the funding criteria. Contact Margaret Tam for more information.

Redevelopment Phase II and III Enhancement Projects Fund

Through the generosity of our donors, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is inviting proposals to fund projects or equipment for Redevelopment Phase II and III enhancements. Each project should be in the range of $500K to $2.5M CAD in total cost.

Follow the links to access the Application Form and the funding criteria . Contact Margaret Tam for more information.

Caritas Fund & Quality Improvement

As of April 2021, ongoing applications will be accepted for Caritas and Quality Improvement funding. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis to increase the speed and accessibility of funding for patient experience and quality improvement projects.  

Caritas Fund

The Caritas Fund supports improvements to patients’ experiences at Royal Columbian Hospital. RCH Family can access funding to delight patients and create positive, memorable experiences.

Examples of solutions funded by the Caritas Fund include ways to:

  • Put patients at ease while waiting for their appointments
  • Improve patient experience during hospital procedures
  • Entertain patients during their hospital visit
  • Emulate the comforts of home during long-term hospitalization
  • Improve the welcome or departure of patients from a department

For submission guidelines and criteria, please see the Caritas Application Form.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement funding allows clinical teams to develop quality improvement projects to improve the delivery of care and patient’s hospital experience.

A team’s project must focus on activities which improve an element(s) of the patient’s frontline journey. Team projects must:

  • Be based in evidence
  • Have measurable outcomes
  • Propose a budget (examples of materials to be reimbursed: small equipment, paper, posters, printing costs; not to include regular staff wage time, after hours only)
  • List team members, their discipline and department/area of work (upon approval of funding, you will be assigned a QI coach for regular check-ins)
  • Include interim reporting of progress
  • Be presented by the team at the Royal Columbian Hospital Frontline Quality Improvement Research Day
  • Be endorsed by department manager/department head or delegate

To apply for Caritas and/or Quality Improvement Funding, please complete the Application Form and return to Alison Cowie via email OR by dropping it off at the Foundation office.

Peer Advised Impact Fund

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation has established the Peer Advised Impact Fund to support the purchase of medical equipment from the proceeds of the Royal Columbian Hospital Staff 50/50 Lottery.

Applications will be accepted for hospital equipment costing $10,000 and less (including all taxes and shipping) that will directly impact patient care at the hospital. The fund will support:

  • equipment with demonstrated ability to improve patient comfort and/or care for a wide-range of patients
  • equipment that enhances a health care provider’s ability to more safely and effectively care for their patients

To submit an application, please complete an Application for Funding form and return via email to Annalissa Magleo or drop off at the Foundation office (Health Care Centre, main floor).

Application deadlines

There are three funding periods per year. Applications for funding can be submitted at any time. The submission deadline for each review is as follows:

  • Application deadline of March 15, while the committee reviews and approves in April
  • Application deadline of July 15, while the committee reviews and approves in August
  • Application deadline of November 15, while the committee reviews and approves in December

Call for Volunteers: Peer Advised Impact Fund Committee

Are you a Royal Columbian Hospital Staff 50/50 Lottery participant? You have an opportunity to impact how the 50/50 Lottery proceeds are spent at Royal Columbian. Please consider serving on the Peer Advised Impact Fund Committee.

The Peer Advised Impact Fund Committee is responsible for the review and recommendation of funds from the Peer Advised Impact Fund.

The committee will comprise of the following:

  • Foundation CEO (or designate) as Chair (Ex-Officio)
  • Executive Director or Medical Director of RCH (Ex-Officio)
  • Foundation staff representative as Secretary (Ex-Officio)
  • Physicians, nurses, patient care coordinators, managers, and practice and clinic leaders
  • No more than 12 members in total
  • Members may serve a maximum of three years on the committee

Important Information:

  • The committee will meet three times per year at the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation office.
  • At no single meeting will the Committee approve equipment costing more than 40% of the available funds for that year.
  • All members of the committee must agree to and adhere to the Foundation Conflict of Interest and Privacy policies.

Please note that all members of the committee, with the exception of the Foundation staff, must be active Royal Columbian Hospital Staff 50/50 Lottery participants.

If you are interested in serving on the Peer Advised Impact Fund committee:
Please send your full name, position, area/department and contact information to Annalissa Magleo.

Education Fund

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation has established the Education Fund to support professional development through education opportunities such as a conference, seminar, class or workshop which will enhance an employee’s ability to fulfil their role.

Staff/applicants must have been employed for at least two years at Royal Columbian Hospital in a clinical role and/or one directly related to patient care at the time of applying for an educational opportunity. The applicant must still be an employee of Royal Columbian in a clinical role and/or one directly related to patient care when their application is approved.

Application Steps:

Step One: Please review the complete Terms of Reference before submitting your application.

Step Two: If travel is required out of the province, please complete the Out of Province Travel Request Form for approval by an Executive Director or Vice-President. This signed form must be included with your application.

Step Three: Please complete the application form in full and submit to the Foundation office (located in the Health Care Centre across from the gift shop) with all required supporting documents. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please note that this process is separate from applying for funding via your manager for a paid day to attend an education session.

For further questions, please contact:

Annalissa Magleo

Research Fund

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation has established the Research Fund to provide a new source of funding for research projects at Royal Columbian which align with the funding principles of the Foundation.

Funding is meant to support studies that are under way within 4 months of receiving the grant and continue for a maximum of 3 years. The maximum award for a single grant is $25,000, with the intention of offering multiple smaller awards.

Eligibility Criteria
• The Principal Investigator (PI – project lead and primary applicant) must be an RCH staff member or a privileged physician.
• Projects must be accessible to the lay person to easily understand the impact they could potentially have.
• If the applicant does not have previous research experience, preference will be given to applicants who have an academic partner for the project. The academic partner could be someone acting as a mentor/advisor to the application team or someone who is integral to the project.
• Special consideration will be given to:
o Research that has the opportunity to change, for the better, the way health care is delivered at RCH, in BC and beyond.
o Projects that play a role in the recruitment or retention of high caliber doctors & staff.
o Projects which have the potential to significantly impact the growing reputation of RCH.
• If you have previously received funding through this competition you may apply again in the future for a different research project.

Review Process
Applications for the RCH Research Fund will be evaluated by a task force struck each year specifically for this purpose and appointed the by the Foundation. The task force has the authority to make recommendations for funding to the Foundation. The Foundation will provide final approval for funding.

Contact Stacey for more information.

Advancing Innovation in Medicine (AIM) Fund

Do you have an idea that could improve patient care? Does it involve creating tools or technologies that don’t currently exist?

The Advancing Innovation in Medicine (AIM) Fund is a pilot program with a specific goal: to discover, develop, and commercialize innovative ideas at Royal Columbian Hospital. The Foundation has been speaking with members of the Royal Columbian family, including physicians, nurses, technologists and patients who have ideas for new products, technologies, or medical tools.

This Fund aims to foster an innovative culture at Royal Columbian Hospital by providing:

  • Financial support to selected projects as they achieve predetermined milestones
  • Technical and entrepreneurial expertise for selected ideas
  • A marketable idea summary for all ideas
  • Basic peripheral research services for all ideas
  • A suite of idea development materials to all participants.

To submit an application, please complete the Application form and return to Alison Cowie via email OR by dropping it off at the Foundation office.
To schedule a time to share your idea or learn more about the Advancing Innovation in Medicine (AIM) Fund, please feel free to email Alison Cowie.

Awesome Fund


The Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation’s Awesome Fund is intended to support RCH clinical teams to develop staff appreciation, recognition, and/or healthy workplace initiative projects that promote physical and emotional health and well-being.

The goal of the Awesome Fund is to provide easy access to funding to units who have brilliants ideas which focus on spreading joy in their specific work area by introducing morale-boosting and/or wellness initiatives.

Funds Available

The maximum award for a project per calendar year is $10/Full Time Employee (FTE), or $200 where there are fewer than 10 FTEs within a department*. Applications exceeding the maximum allotment will be approved upon special consideration.

Applications and Acceptance

  • Requests may only be submitted by RCH Program Managers or Directors.
  • Applicants are asked to provide details for each section below.
  • Successful proposals will fall under one of the following categories:
    • Staff Appreciation and Recognition Initiatives – Proposal could include peer-to-peer recognition raffle, random of acts of kindness reward program, etc.
    • Staff morale-boosting Activities – gratitude wall, team scavenger hunt, team trivia, workplace Zen garden, etc.
    • Healthy Workplace Initiatives– Proposals could include fitness courses, workshops on healthy living, seminars on work-life balance, healthy snack Fridays, etc.
  • Submissions must include a rough budget.
  • Applications are accepted year-round and may be submitted to
  • And will meet the following criteria:
    • meet the goals of the aforementioned initiatives
    • enhance the team’s working environment
    • be implemented quickly
    • benefit many RCH staff (related to the applicants’ team)
    • not fund construction costs or capital infrastructure

*Program portfolio number provided by site admin

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