Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation (RCHF) is excited to announce a new initiative to recognize the dedication and generosity of its caregivers. In a letter addressed to the RCH & QPCC family, the foundation expressed gratitude for the ongoing support of caregivers who serve on the frontlines of care and contribute personally to the foundation’s mission.

As a gesture of appreciation, RCHF has initiated a pilot program to match personal financial contributions made by individual department teams up to $100,000. This matching program seeks to leverage the passion and commitment of those who work at our sites to furthering the foundation’s objectives.

“We are immensely grateful to our RCH & QPCC family and look forward to embarking on an exciting journey this coming year,” says Jeff Norris, RCHF’s President and CEO.

Projects eligible for funding under this program must align with RCHF & QPCC’s key priorities, including equipment, technology, renovations, research, patient experience, workforce engagement, and regional health leadership.

The launch of this matching donation program underscores the foundation’s commitment to harnessing the collective efforts of its hospital family to meaningfully improve healthcare delivery.

To learn more about the program, contact Salima Mawji, Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, at salima.mawji@fraserhealth.cac