Income Tax Reduction and Estate Tax Elimination Presentation

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You Will Learn How:

  • To minimize or even Eliminate Taxes on your estate.
  • How to Change your Estate Plans in this virtual environment.
  • To Avoid Double Taxation on your “Red” retirement accounts.
  • To Bypass paying upfront Capital Gains Taxes when selling your investments.
  • To convert assets into an Income You Can’t Outlive and leave a Lasting Legacy.
  • How our government wants you to Save Taxes and Leave More To Charity.



Event Details:

Wednesday, February 28th, 2024

MORNING – Registration: 9:30 a.m.| Presentation: 10:00 a.m.

Refreshments will be served.

The Vancouver Golf Club

Fireside Room

771 Austin Ave, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3N2

Seats are COMPLIMENTARY, but limited.

Contact Aidan Halley at 236.332.9471

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About the Speaker:

Rich Widdifield is a sought-after speaker, presenter and educator in the areas of financial planning and philanthropy. He presents to entrepreneurs, professionals, professional athletes, families, philanthropists, and charities and works with individual families made up of all of these groups.

Rich is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) with 25 years experience. He specializes in providing Financial Planning advice and strategies to High Net Worth Families, Business Owners, and Professionals. He is also recognized as one of Vancouver’s top advisors for families and individuals making significant gifts to charity.

Rich’s mission is to help clients develop a clear path for their families – and where applicable, their business – to enjoy life while successfully navigating all of life’s major events and turns.

Rich and his wife Andrea believe strongly about giving back and have set up their own family charitable foundation. Rich and Andrea reside in Tsawwassen, BC with their two rescue dogs, Palmer and Cali. They love to travel, especially to London, England to visit their daughter Kaela and her fiancée Sam. Rich is an avid runner, golfer and curler.


Do not miss this opportunity to hear one of our nation’s most knowledgeable, entertaining and engaging speakers on the topic of how you can save income and minimize estate taxes.


What previous attendees have said about our presentation:

“Initially I was skeptical that the presentation would be all about donating money to charity or that I wouldn’t hear anything new. Instead, I learned multiple ways to help myself that I hadn’t heard before presented in a simple and straightforward manner. It was truly an enjoyable and educational experience!” – C. Wight

“I am a chartered professional accountant, and yet I learned things not just about estate planning and philanthropy, but life messages too.” – D. Constand

“Good ideas to help me see how I can consider giving to charity while not disinheriting my children.” – L. Clemon

“Very enlightening. A simple, straightforward walk through quite a complicated process. Advice not to be ignored.” – E. & D. Preston

“An excellent overview on how to leave your heirs and a worthwhile cause more money than you had planned.” W. Cootz

“Not too short or too long! Whets the appetite to do the right thing – today” – M. Newel

This presentation was very clear, engaging and interesting.” – M. Kubisz

“An excellent, entertaining, most informative and valuable presentation.” – E. Prettyman

“Entertaining. Makes what could be tedious COME ALIVE!” – M. Gove

“Fast paced, entertaining and tantalizing.” – M. Blackman

“Very skilled presentation. Humour appreciated.” – K. Lamont

“The presentation introduced new ideas of tax reduction/estate planning which will be a great help to me.” – H. Song

It was crisp, clear, simple and effective.” – V. Filipovic

“Well done. The content was well presented and demonstrated at an appropriate level of detail.” – B. Gaw

“Very informative and positive. Presented in an interesting format.” – C. Gude

“Excellent, I learnt a lot. Very well prepared and professional.” – M. Jackson

“It was excellent. I had no idea about philanthropy and the how-to(s).” – N. Von Meter

“This was a very informative presentation – excellent.” – G. Dusome

Excellent. Would be valuable to anyone faced with planning your wealth management.” – M. Gurski


The Vancouver Golf Club

771 Austin Ave,

Coquitlam, BC  V3K 3N2