Research grant awarded

Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation is a proud supporter of research efforts at the hospital. The latest study to receive funding will involve patients from the Intensive Care Unit and the Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit who have received post-packed red blood cell (PRBC) transfusions. The aim is to better understand the patients’ oxygenation status after the transfusion. This will help the clinicians to weight the potential benefits against potential risks, thus contributing towards better patient care. Respiratory therapist Artak Stepanyan and Intensive Care Unit Department Head Dr. Steven Reynolds will collaborate on the study, which is supported by a $10,000 grant from the Foundation.

The Hemoglobin Oxygen Binding Profile Post Packed Red Blood Cells Transfusions in ICU and Cardiac Surgery ICU Patients
Principal Investigator: Artak Stepanyan, MD, MSc; Respiratory Therapist, Respiratory Services, Royal Columbian Hospital
Co-Investigator: Steven Reynolds, MD, FRCPC; Department Head, Intensive Care Unit, Royal Columbian Hospital Clinical Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, UBC
Project Overview: The study “The Hemoglobin Oxygen Binding Profile post packed red blood cells (PRBC) Transfusions in ICU and Cardiac Surgery ICU Patients” by A. Stepanyan and S. Reynolds is an observational prospective study on ICU and cardiac surgery ICU patients who received at least 1 PRBC unit in Royal Columbian Hospital. The investigators will study if PRBC transfusion(s) affect the position of the Hgb/oxygen dissociation curve, particularly, if there is a significant drop in P50. This study is aimed to contribute into better understanding of the patients’ oxygenation status after PRBC transfusions.