Dr. Navraj Heran

Martin Bisset’s Story

Angie Bisset was reading when she first heard the strange sound. She would later describe it as either a gargling or vomiting noise. When their golden retriever started barking and running back and forth from where her husband Martin was working out in their Nanaimo home, she decided to go check. What she found was terrifying. By the next day, the 39-year-old Martin would be helicoptered to Royal Columbian Hospital for a neurosurgical procedure to save the life of the father of two.

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Josh Kujundzic’s Story

Josh Kujundzic had just started going down the steep, unmarked trail near Simon Fraser University – a path he had ridden dozens of times previously – when the 18-year old lost control of his mountain bike and crashed head-first into a tree. Alone at the time, he figures it was hours before he regained consciousness. When he did, Josh struggled to move anything from the neck down.

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