Lasting memories

When the Royal Columbian Hospital School of Nursing opened its nurses’ residence in Sherbrooke Centre in 1963, guests would present themselves to the ‘house mother’ who used an intercom to alert young nursing students.

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Joyce Kubu-Haynes

“Mum, you’ve never been so good.” Those words from her children bring comfort to Joyce Kubu-Haynes, who has lived with mental illness for decades.

Hospitalized on three occasions, the 76-year old Coquitlam resident is grateful to Royal Columbian Hospital for helping her continue to live independently, enjoy time with family and friends, and manage her illness with daily medications.

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Janice Kirkrod’s Story

If Janice Kirkrod wrote a book, she knows what she would call it: There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel. Over the last three decades, the 75-year old Surrey resident has felt the darkness as well as the light, as she battled a depression that often left her in tears and with little energy to do much.

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