Ahead by a foot

Cassii Clark has had many medical appointments since she became pregnant right around the start of the global pandemic. These have included weekly ultrasounds during pregnancy over concerns about her baby’s slow growth, an induced labour at 37-weeks, and an urgent late-night trip to the hospital after lab tests revealed high bilirubin levels in her newborn girl Quinn. The two have also been making regular visits to get Quinn treated for clubfoot, a process made more comforting from knowing that Dr. Shafique Pirani, the Royal Columbian pediatric orthopedic surgeon providing that care, is widely recognized for his pioneering work in correcting the deformity.

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Sports Medicine

When athletes gather for the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea, so will Royal Columbian Hospital orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert McCormack, who is Team Canada’s Chief Medical Officer. He and fellow Royal Columbian orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dory Boyer are heavily involved in sports medicine, helping care for amateur and professional athletes at the highest levels.

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Spencer Evans’s Story

Spencer Evans had reason to be excited about the coming months as he went into work in early 2015. His son would be born later in the year, and he was gearing up for his second season with the Maple Ridge Burrards of the Western Lacrosse Association, the local team he had grown up watching. All of that suddenly took a back seat in Spencer’s mind when a workplace accident sent a heavy steel plate crashing onto the 22-year old’s left arm.

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