Newest round of equipment purchases funded by Royal Columbian donors

New Westminster, B.C. – {May 10, 2021} – Charitable donors are providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in new equipment […]

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Mike Wilkinson’s story

Mike Wilkinson thought the sharp pain was a toothache, but it turned out to be something much more debilitating. For close to two years, the facial pain would come and go, seemingly lasting longer and getting more intense each time. The Surrey resident was eventually diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia – sometimes called ‘the suicide disease’ because of the agony it causes. It became so bad that Mike was on the verge of spending six figures for treatment in the U.S., before he was fortunately referred to a neurosurgeon at Royal Columbian Hospital.

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Josh Kujundzic’s Story

Josh Kujundzic had just started going down the steep, unmarked trail near Simon Fraser University – a path he had ridden dozens of times previously – when the 18-year old lost control of his mountain bike and crashed head-first into a tree. Alone at the time, he figures it was hours before he regained consciousness. When he did, Josh struggled to move anything from the neck down.

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James Milne’s Story

James Milne had gone down the hill on his skateboard many times before. This time however, the ride was near fatal. The Langley 17-year old lost control, crashed and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He would soon need emergency surgery at Royal Columbian Hospital, and his story serves to remind us of the importance of helmets.

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Harriet Fowler’s Story

Harriet Fowler was an 18-year old South Surrey resident who loved ballet, had graduated high school and was preparing for college when her world changed. She was left hospitalized for months at Royal Columbian Hospital with a significant brain injury after a severe collision with a dump truck. Her recovery, still ongoing years later, has nevertheless been remarkable so far, and she hopes her story offers hope to others who face the same kind of adversity.

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Susi Kerr’s story

Being active is a big part of Susi Kerr’s life. The Tsawwassen resident is a personal trainer who has her own studio in Vancouver. She has run competitively through high school, university and on the national team. And she and her family have enjoyed waterskiing for many years.

But a serious accident on Harrison Lake during a summer getaway put all of that in danger. In the minutes before she underwent surgery at Royal Columbian Hospital, Susi feared she would never walk again.

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