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Zahra Stark
My colleagues have been amazing in supporting and celebrating each other's work. I'm inspired every day by how dedicated the team is to supporting the Royal Columbian Hospital.
Port Coquitlam
To the nurses at the Post Anesthetic Care Unit who did a great job looking after my wife on her knee surgery. Thank you so much.
Department of Neurology
To the Hospitalists at Royal Columbian, thank you for your on going enthusiasm, compassion and exceptional care of our stroke and neurology patients, it is an honour to be colleagues of yours.
Department of Neurology
north vancouver
Thank you for your tireless efforts on the front lines of stroke care, your devotion to our patients is an inspiration.
Greg Walker
North Vancouver
To a great inspiration, once a dear childhood friend and next door neighbor, now a gifted surgeon and beloved colleague.
Hailey was our nurse through my entire labour and delivery. This was our first child and I was scared out of my mind, but Hailey really helped us through it all. She was so caring, patient and hilarious, it was so comforting having her by my side!
New Westminster
Great work
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Celebrate a STAR

With selfless devotion, they save lives, restore health and provide comfort to thousands of people each year.

Exceptional care is provided at Royal Columbian Hospital because of the dedicated and compassionate efforts of those who work and volunteer here.

Let them know you have noticed the difference they have made. Make them a STAR with a donation in their honour.

In return, your STAR will be personally recognized with a special pin that acknowledges their efforts. Hospital departments that are honoured will receive a certificate.

Your STAR donation will also help the Foundation support priority equipment needs, hospital renovations, major projects, research, education and innovation.

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