“They have made us feel that we matter. It’s not about them being overworked or exhausted; it’s about the nervous pregnant woman who is scared that her baby won’t make it into this world; it’s about the crying newborn who just needs comfort; it’s about the patients. For that, I salute my Royal Columbian Hospital family.”

Feroza Jamal’s story is not just one of medical triumph but also a testament to the extraordinary impact of compassion and dedication within healthcare institutions. At the young age of 18, Feroza faced a daunting diagnosis: Polymyositis, a rare and debilitating muscle disorder that left her bedridden and demoralized.

“When everyone is going on grad trips after high school graduation, I was at home in bed, and I could not move,” said Feroza

In the halls of Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH), she discovered a lifeline, a ray of hope that would illuminate her path to recovery. The tireless dedication of the Medical Daycare staff at RCH became the cornerstone of Feroza’s healing journey. Their compassionate care went beyond the physical realm, mending her body and restoring her spirit. With their unwavering support, Feroza defied the odds stacked against her.

“It was the staff at the Medical Daycare that really looked after me, and they were kind, nonjudgmental, and interested in me.” Said Feroza

Their encouragement fueled her determination, enabling her to regain her health and embrace her dream of motherhood. This vision seemed unreachable in the face of her diagnosis.

In a miraculous turn of events, Feroza, against all medical expectations, gave birth to two healthy daughters, Sofia and Aaliyah, both at RCH. Their births were joyous occasions for the Jamal family and poignant symbols of Feroza’s indomitable spirit and the remarkable impact of RCH’s care. The family, once marred by illness and despair, now revels in life’s ordinary yet precious moments. Engaging in various activities celebrating their bond, they have turned the page on a challenging chapter, embracing life’s newfound joys.

Gratitude fuels the Jamal family’s actions. Their desire to give back to RCH is not just a gesture of appreciation but a heartfelt expression of thanks for the life-changing care they received. Sofia and Aaliyah donated some of their gift money from birthdays, holidays, and chore allowance to three organizations. One of them is Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation

“We want to thank the nurses and doctors for caring for Mom and because we were born there. We also want to come and give snacks to the healthcare workers because they don’t get a break to eat anything,” said the Jamal sisters.

Through their journey, the Jamal family stands as a living testament to the profound difference that dedicated healthcare professionals and institutions can make in the lives of individuals and families, inspiring hope and healing in the face of adversity.

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