Carol Thorpe’s Story

In April, 2010, Carol Thorpe, a healthy 53 year old woman, had a sudden stroke. A CT scan at her local hospital showed she had a massive bleed inside her head. She was transferred to the RCH where Dr. William Siu, Department Head of Medical Imaging, found a large brain aneurysm.

Close to being a miracle.

Due to the complexity of the aneurysm, Carol had a total of six angiograms and four coiling/stenting sessions between April and September 2010. She fully recovered from the coma, temporary blindness and speech and mobility problems. “Her recovery is close to being a miracle” said Dr. Siu.

Ron Gale, Carol’s lifelong partner, kept vigil at her bedside during the five month stay at RCH. “The staff was absolutely fantastic and Carol received great care. We got engaged at Royal Columbian Hospital after a thirty year relationship. I was totally amazed at what they were able to do with Carol at RCH. They saved her life.”

Ron Gale and Carol Thorpe are happy to be getting married, thanks to the life-saving interventions performed by Dr. William Siu and Dr. Navraj Heran.

Read the full story in our June 2011 publication.

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