We’re here to celebrate life’s beautiful moments that come after care—that couldn’t happen without your support.

At Royal Columbian Hospital, our numbers and statistics tell the stories of critical care provided to those in need. And now, we’re looking ahead. To the 2,186 movies to be watched with best friends, the 467 graduations attended by the whole family, the 3,597 new lives beginning, and the endless “I love yous.” Moments that will be turned into memories for our amazing patients and their loved ones. And we’re here for every one.

Our hospital footprint is doubling, our innovative technologies are expanding, and we’re opening our arms to more patients than ever from across the province. Caring for them is our top priority, and with your help, we can be part of their stories and their futures.

Read the stories below of some of our inspiring patients and the beautiful moments we were lucky to have played a part in, like Norm’s family vacation after open heart surgery.

Here for BC. Here for life.

There’s more than one way to give.

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Patient Stories